Tweet Tweet- It’s Twitter Time!

I am now a Twitter addict. To many, this sounds silly… many skeptics think Twitter is just a “status update” Web site. Hey, I can’t blame them. That’s how I felt before I opened my account. Luckily, in one of my classes we learned that Twitter is actually a useful PR tool. Now that I tweet, I agree.

My Twitter

My Twitter

Yes, people do use Twitter to tell people about the events going on in their personal lives but that’s not all there is to it!

Twitter is being used for many reasons (see Getting Fired or Arrested ) and by many different organizations — or things (see the Mars Phoenix Twitter). It is all exciting! Twitter is also a great place to connect with people from across the world and build relationships with people you might not ever have a chance to meet otherwise. These relationships may eventually lead to internships and jobs! How can it get any better?

Since I’m still new to Twitter, I’m not following (following = reading other people’s “tweets”) many people yet. However, I still feel like I am reading news that I might not have otherwise noticed. I love it when people tweet about some news story they find interesting because then I’m not only learning about current events, but I’m also learning more about the person too.

As a member of the PR world, I need to be up on current events and breaking news. Twitter helps because people tweet about news that interests them, which is probably interesting to lots of people around the world. Twitter also helps me discover new trends and products that are hot, which is something else I need to be on top of.

Conclusion: Twitter is fun and it is also a good PR tool. Spread the word!

And look me up:


5 Responses to Tweet Tweet- It’s Twitter Time!

  1. arizonabrian says:

    Welcome to the twitter world. It’s an awesome tool – and really helps you network in PR – there’s tons of us practitioners.

  2. Hey Nikki,

    Thanks for your post. I started out as a twitter addict and now I’m a facebook addict. LinkedIn addiction is lurking on the horizon. What next?

    I thought your readers might be interested in this review of 13 free press release distribution websites in “The Cheapskate’s Guide to PR” at

    Good luck with all your endeavors!


    Daniel Durazo

  3. horley912 says:

    I am also glad we are learning about the professional benefits of twitter. I think as we become more comfortable with the site and continue our social media networking skills, we will be able to successful in the world wide web!

  4. Adam Lewis says:

    Totally agree Niki, twitter opens up a lot of opportunities whether you’re an experienced practitioner or wanting to enter the profession. Didn’t see the point of it at first but gradually immersing myself more and more! and thanks for the link!

  5. ninouye says:

    Thank you all for your comments. The more I use Twitter, the more I learn about what other people involved in PR are doing, feeling and learning. In the end, I hope this makes me more PR savvy.

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