Public Relations at the University of Oregon

Allen Hall, location of the J-school at the U of O

Allen Hall: the J-school at the U of O

Although I have nothing to compare it to, my education at the University of Oregon has been pretty amazing. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do in life, but once I started taking classes at the j-school, I felt that I really fit in.

My colleague Courtney Smith talks about social media taught at the U of O in her blog, and it got me thinking about the education that I’m receiving.

I feel that the public relations program at the U of O does an outstanding job at preparing me for the real world. I feel like I’m gaining so much information in all different aspects of public relations. In my Public Relations Writing class we learned how to write press releases, and I even launched an event for a client. Wow. In my Advanced Public Relations Writing class we are learning so much about social media… It led me to create this blog (great choice) and get involved with the ever-addicting Twitter. In my Plans and Problems class we are, well, learning about PR plans and problems. All of my classes have been so great and informative; however, I only started taking them this past summer.

Even though I’m feeling more and more prepared now, I was so incredibly stressed out last year and the year before. It was scary because I didn’t know when I was going to actually learn about PR — all the journalism classes that I was taking were so broad and unrelated. Maybe I just get stressed easily, but my goodness, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t feel prepared for any PR-related internships. My boyfriend is a computer science major, and he’s been programming and thoroughly involved in his program for a while now. I know it’s comparing apples to oranges, but it was frustrating when he’d come up with a code for a program while I was writing 100 page research paper on NCLB. I didn’t understand why professors were assigning such random things.

Looking back now, I realize that writing is such a key part of PR and that I was preparing myself little by little. Each class in its own way helped me, even if it just kept me writing. If only I could go back and tell myself that.


2 Responses to Public Relations at the University of Oregon

  1. Thanks for mentioning me! 😀

    I’m definitely feeling more prepared now as well. As I was finishing up my Communication Studies major in the spring, I asked myself, “Okay, now what?” I was only 20 years old– I wasn’t even ready to start working full time! I felt like I had learned a lot about the media but did not have enough raw skills and experience to get a job. I had concentrated so much on finishing school early that I didn’t realize how necessary it was to gain experience.

    I totally agree with you that the PR program at UO does an amazing job at preparing its students. The professors not only teach us skills, but also encourage us to gain experience inside and outside of the school.

  2. ninouye says:

    Thank you for your comment! Right now in my Advanced Public Relations Writing course we are working on portfolios and ePortfolios to present to my professor. I’m glad I’m getting an opportunity to present my work to someone before I have to show it to a potential employer. Thank you Journalism school at the U of O!

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