Hooked on YouTube

Do you remember what life was like before YouTube? Where would you look for entertaining home video clips, advertisements, music videos, commentaries, movies and television shows? Now, we are used to watching what we want, when we want it. Instant gratification.

I was inspired to write about YouTube after reading a classmate’s blog post on YouTube advertisements (Thanks Camille!). It’s weird to think that we do all we possibly can to avoid advertisements on television, but we flock to YouTube to watch other advertisements. Why? If you search Superbowl advertisements on YouTube, most of the ads have at least 500,000 views. Some ads have over a million. Camille’s post describes a Wii commercial that is made only for YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out: click here. It is extremely creative and even scared me the first time I watched it. I thought my computer was breaking down!

This ad is executed perfectly. Targeted to the right audience, YouTube is an ideal place for Wii to place ads because they are reaching people who are already interested in the product. These consumers are putting the effort into going online to look at Wii’s product, opposite of what we normally think of advertisements. 

In general, YouTube is a great place to build your company or brand. You can be an unknown and become a celebrity overnight. If your company is trying to reach this YouTube audience, you definitely want to get involved with this great social media tool. The audience of YouTube isn’t just the young and computer savvy anymore. I know that my dad loves YouTube, and he is a baby-boomer. People are becoming more and more computer literate and age is no longer a huge factor (ruling out the extremes).

YouTube is also a great place for companies to build their brand because they receive amazing feedback from their viewers. You know that once people start mimicking your videos, you’ve done a good job.

In conclusion, YouTube is too much fun.

While surfing it earlier, I found this video: 

Relating to my last post, public relations is still being portrayed in the media as being propaganda. Another sad (but a bit funny) portrayal of a public relations practitioner. Hey, at least it’s a woman this time!


2 Responses to Hooked on YouTube

  1. Katie Horley says:

    I love how you wrote about YouTube, and well I love YouTube too! To think just a few years ago we never had this information so easily on our fingertips. I thought how you used the MAC commercial and connecting it to your last post was a nice touch!
    Good job!

  2. ninouye says:

    Thank you for your comment! In my Plans and Problems class at the U of O, we started working on a BMW plan to launch the new Z4. The first thing I thought of was YouTube. Sadly, I couldn’t put it in my plan because it had already been done — but it just goes to show that everyone uses YouTube and it’s not going away any time soon.

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