The Point — Do you get it?

logo_wordsI’ve been working with a student organization (Oregon Direct Action) for the past couple weeks, and they’ve been coming up with different ways to fundraise for their group. One idea that I’ve never heard of was to use The Point, a Web site that helps you fundraise. 

This Web site is a little different from other fundraising sites. It is self described as “campaigns meet the tipping point.” From their Web site, “On The Point, all campaigns have a “tipping point” — people pledge to give money or do something, but no one does a thing until the conditions are met to make contributions worthwhile.” So basically, you don’t have to give money unless your fundraising goal is reached. That way people who are giving money know where their money is going. Makes sense!

I thought this Web site was a great idea. The student group wants to raise money to hire and send a sociologist to Peru for part of a project they are working on. But not all fundraising on The Point is serious. One member is going to make a birthday list and send it to her friends and family — she wants to raise up enough money so that she can travel to Peru with other members of the group. It’s very interesting to browse some of the campaigns that The Point hosts. You can search by channels, such as the environment, animals, artists, politics, or whatever you prefer.

It’s interesting how the Internet has become so multifaceted. You can do so much for your company or organization without leaving home. Not only is it more cost efficient (it doesn’t cost anything to put a post on The Point), but sometimes it’s a better way to reach your audience. Looking at some of the posts on The Point, many of them are directly related to college students. What a perfect way to reach their target audience! Please, take a look at The Point and see what you think. Does it look legitimate? Would you donate money to a cause on The Point?


2 Responses to The Point — Do you get it?

  1. afishner says:

    This is a really interesting post. I had never heard of this site before, it seems useful and a great online tool. I would think if you are trying to reach a broad audience the use of a The Point campaign should be coupled with something tactical. If you have a small group of people you are targeting it would be easier to get people on board with the site.
    Good luck!

  2. ninouye says:

    Thanks Ali! I haven’t had a chance to use The Point yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know the results.

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