PR Help?


I have a PR problem that I need help with.

A nonprofit organization that I intern at set a huge goal of fundraising a million dollars last year. They did not reach that goal. This year, they are trying to set a new goal, and they are contemplating setting a goal for a smaller, more reasonable amount of $800,000. Last year they brought in nearly $750,000.

Now, in the eyes of the public, does this look like a cop out? Does it look the the organization is giving up hope? Even though achieving a $800,000 goal would be outstanding, it still is less than the original. In my eyes, moving the goal downward is a bad sign.

But on the other side, it makes sense to set the goal at a reasonable amount. This lowered goal gives the organization an easier chance to achieve it. And, there is still the possibly of completely surpassing the goal.

Does anyone have any knowledge on what to do in this situation? I’m not sure what to do. As of right now, I’m leaning towards keeping the goal at a million dollars. Even though I don’t know if they will achieve this amount, I still feel that the higher goal will make people reach and strive to achieve it. What do you think?


One Response to PR Help?

  1. Ben Benson says:

    Hey Niki. I would go with moving the goal down to $800,000. Last year the goal was one million dollars, the economy was in a recession, and the organization raised $750,000. This year, the recession is full steam ahead and people will be heading watching their holiday spending more. That’s not to say there won’t be a spending spree this Christmas, but people will be more careful with money. So, to me, it sounds like if the goal is kept at one million dollars, it still will not be reached. And who doesn’t like to reach goals? But if the goal is lowered to $800,000, the organization can more easily ask people to give money when it is close to the goal. Let’s say $750,000 is raised, just like last year. What would you rather say: “We only need $250,00! Break out those check books, please.” or “C’mon, just 50 more grand and we’ll meet our goal!”

    Anyway, I’m going to do homework now.

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