Celebrities on Twitter

nytimestwitterEveryone is on Twitter, especially celebrities. Watching the playoffs, I had to laugh out loud when I heard Dwight Howard thank his Twitter followers. And then I had to add him. There are hundreds of different Web sites that give out “authentic” celebrity Twitter accounts, including CelebrityTweet, TIMES online and The Guardian online. But why are celebrities so hooked on Twitter? I’ve been thinking about this.

Celebrities usually want to keep their lives private, so why are they constantly updating their status on Twitter? Maybe it is a marketing technique for celebrities and it allows them to up their status in Hollywood — the person with the most followers is the most popular. Or it could be that Twitter allows them to share information with fans in a controlled way. Or maybe they are just doing because everyone is doing it. Could they simply be doing it because Twitter is… fun? Whatever the reason is, celebrities are joining at an alarming rate.

However, it may not be all that it seems. Celebrities are joining Twitter, but they are also on other social networks like Facebook or Myspace. While hundreds of celebrities are on Facebook, it doesn’t seem to make as much of an impact as Twitter does. This is because of the social aspects of Twitter. Fans are able to follow and even interact with their favorite celebrities unlike Facebook and Myspace where there is a slight chance that their response is even looked at. Twitter allows “normal people” to get close with celebrities. Good for fans, good PR for celebrities.

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One Response to Celebrities on Twitter

  1. Julie says:

    You’re right, Niki. I think that celebrities using Twitter is a marketing technique. It let’s fans into a small aspect of celebrity everyday lives and then lets them feel like they have connection to a famous person. Because of this, fans might be more likely to see the celebrity’s new movie or buy their new CD.

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