HTC Droid Eris Low on Space?

Phone Frustration

A few weeks ago my phone started saying that it was low on storage space. Low on space? I hadn’t changed anything! Needless to say, it was frustrating for the notification to keep popping up — especially since I kept deleting apps to free up my internal memory. I finally fixed the problem — Facebook was syncing with my phone contacts, making my contact storage over 25 mb! Facebook was also a memory suck, taking up nearly 10 mb. On top of that, my battery was draining too quickly, and I had to start bringing my charger everywhere. Crawling the internet, I found the solution, but I thought it might be helpful to put all the info in one place for other people who are having the same problems I had. Here are my troubleshooting tips for getting your Droid Eris under control.

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Droid Eris Review

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to upgrade my cell phone from a LG enV2 to a HTC Droid Eris. I’ve never before had a smartphone, let alone any internet capabilities. A lot of people have been asking me how I like it, so I decided to write a review of the phone (from what I’ve experienced so far).

As I said, in the past I used to own an enV2. I also have an iPod Touch that I use pretty regularly. I know that the iPod Touch is not an iPhone but because they have so many similarities I will use some comparisons.

First off, the Eris was free so that’s an awesome start. I’m on a family plan and my dad wanted to buy the Moto Droid, so we were able to use the “Double Your Droid” deal (he bought a Droid for regular price and I got the Eris for free). I would definitely recommend paying attention to these Verizon deals because sometimes they are amazing! Anyway, the Eris, with the new-every-2 is $100 less than the regular Droid. Yeah, over the course of a few years that one hundred bucks won’t really matter but it’s just a bonus for a poor, post-college student (and I wanted this phone anyway).

Second, I don’t know if you’ve seen the Moto Droid but it’s pretty hefty. I think that has something to do with the slide out keyboard which personally, I didn’t need or want. It might have some benefit, especially for people who aren’t used to using a touch screen, but I feel it’s unnecessary. Because I don’t like big, fat phones, I was definitely drawn to the Eris’ sleek, light design. I mean, the Droid advertises that “It isn’t pretty but it’s fast,” and I agree. The Eris on the other hand is pretty and cute, similar to many of HTC’s phones. All the goods and a little better packaging if you ask me! The Eris also has a little TrackBall similar to the Blackberry. Not a huge deal but it’s different, a bit useful, and you can set it up to light up when you get a text/notification.

The Moto Droid does have a bit better specs, as far as having Android 2.0 OS and flash on the camera while the Eris has the Android 1.5 OS and no flash. But from what I’ve heard, the Eris will be getting the 2.0 OS (or possibly even 2.1, like the Nexus One) within the next few weeks (speculated Jan. 20). From some of the research I’ve done, the reasoning behind having a 1.5 OS has something to do with the HTC Sense UI not quite syncing with 2.0 (which the UI is supposedly awesome) and that HTC is taking their time to make it work. Anyway, 2.0/2.1 should be up and running on the Eris soon anyway, so no big deal (the main difference from 1.5 and 2.0, or so I hear, is turn-by-turn Google navigation).

The Eris is completely customizable. Like the iPhone/iPod touch, it has sliding pages. There are only 7 pages but there is also a pop-up menu that has all the apps. Unlike the iPhone, you can decide how you want apps to look. You can make apps have little boxes, if that’s what you want — but many apps can be made bigger or shaped different based on what it is (like my Google Calendar can take up it’s own screen). Another difference from the iPhone/iPod Touch is that the Eris can run several apps simultaneously. Notifications (text messages, e-mails, Facebook updates, etc.) show up and scroll in the header, so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to read a message. So many different possibilities but for example, you can listen to Pandora while writing an e-mail and reading a text message.

One thing that compelled me to choose the Eris over a Blackberry was the Google integration. Overall, I wanted something easy, something that I could use to go online, update social media, and have apps. Both phones can do that. But I personally use Gmail, Google Calendar, and all those goods and the Eris is completely synced with these. I also liked the Eris design better than the Blackberrys that are currently on the market.

A few other quick things

  • It has a USB charger, so you can charge your phone on the computer. I guess this is the new, more common thing to happen to cell phones but it’s a big difference from my old phone.
  • It has a fun people shortcut so that you can easily text/call the people you talk to the most.
  • Information can be organized based on a person, so I can see everything that someone sent me and their info in one place.
  • I really could go on, but I don’t want to take all the fun and surprises out of getting a new phone. BUT, one more thing I like is the Google Search via voice recognition. Press a button, say “Taylor Swift” and it’ll search it for you on Google!

Hopefully that covered it. Any questions? Leave me a comment!