HTC Droid Eris Low on Space?

Phone Frustration

A few weeks ago my phone started saying that it was low on storage space. Low on space? I hadn’t changed anything! Needless to say, it was frustrating for the notification to keep popping up — especially since I kept deleting apps to free up my internal memory. I finally fixed the problem — Facebook was syncing with my phone contacts, making my contact storage over 25 mb! Facebook was also a memory suck, taking up nearly 10 mb. On top of that, my battery was draining too quickly, and I had to start bringing my charger everywhere. Crawling the internet, I found the solution, but I thought it might be helpful to put all the info in one place for other people who are having the same problems I had. Here are my troubleshooting tips for getting your Droid Eris under control.

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